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Visual Buzz

We are bombarded by more marketing messages than ever before — give your marketing messages a competitive edge by making them visual.

With just a few simple tools and easy techniques, you can learn how to give your online presence, the content you create, your products and sales pages some Visual Buzz.

Presenting “12 Days of Visual Buzz”

For the next 12 days, we’ll send you 12 easy ways to master the visual side of marketing.

We guarantee you’ll end up inspired and better equipped to create images that start conversations and build your business.

Not “artistic”? We’ve created 12 Days of Visual Buzz with non-artists in mind — but “visual natives” will learn a lot, too.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to Find Free Images Online
  2. How to Create Social Media Images That Get Noticed
  3. How to Create 3D Product Images
  4. How to Market Your Business with Great Slide Decks
  5. When to Create an Infographic
  6. Convert Browsers to Buyers with Sales Page Images
  7. Add Movement to Your Marketing with Video (No On-Camera Required)
  8. How to Create a Winning Website Header
  9. Free and Low-Cost Tools for Creating Images for Your Marketing
  10. Create a Logo That Puts a Face to Your Brand
  11. Create Your Own Stock Photo Image Library
  12. Why “Artistic” Has Nothing to Do With It

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