How to Create a File Upload Form in WordPress (Why You Need It)


Want to allow users to upload documents, images, and others to your WordPress website?

A file upload plugin is an essential tool for websites and blogs to collect various types of information from the front-end users in 1-2-3 clicks. Today, we’ll tell you how to create a file upload form in WordPress to collect resumes, blog posts, and even videos from your visitors.

Why WPForms?


WPForms is the #1 form builder plugin for WordPress. It lets you create any kind of form using pre-defined templates and drag and drop functionality.

The forms created with WPForms are SEO-friendly and responsive to load faster on desktop and mobiles. The plugin comes with many modern essential features like spam prevention, payment integration, email marketing integration, custom CAPTCHA, and more. It is easy to use also.

So you can create a high converting lead generation form or a product order form or a survey form in WordPress without using any additional tool.

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Creating a File Upload Form in WordPress

Creating file upload forms using WPForms requires you to install the Form Template add-on first.

Sign in to your WordPress website and open the WPForms menu from the left pane and followed by the Addons section.

Find and locate the Form Templates add-on from the main screen.


Make sure that it is active. If not, click on the ‘Install Addon’ button. The pack contains 100 additional templates to create various types of forms like registration forms, membership forms, file upload forms, order forms, and many more.

Go to WPForms > Add New to create a form.

Type the keyword ‘file upload’ in the search box and hit enter key on your keyboard. Or scroll through the additional templates at the bottom to locate the File Upload template.

Click on it to open the template.

Now you will get a screen like this,

File Upload WordPress

The pre-loaded template contains all essential form fields like name, email, phone, file upload, and comments. But you can still add more fields, by choosing them from the left side. Drag and drop the required fields to the main screen to customize your file upload form.

WPForms allows you to add the ‘File Upload’ option to any form. Choose the ‘File Upload’ field (under Fancy Fields), drag and drop it to your contact forms or others to let users upload files.

Click on the ‘File Upload’ field from the main screen to change settings.

The settings include,

  • Set allowed file extensions
  • Set a maximum file size
  • Set the maximum number of files a user can upload
  • Change the field style
  • Enable a conditional logic for the field

WPForms will store all uploaded files into your Uploads directory (Uploads > WPForms). But you can set it to save in the WordPress media library through the field settings. Click on the ‘File Upload’ field and expand Advanced options. Check ‘Store file in WordPress Media Library’ option.

That’s it.

Hereafter all uploaded files will be stored in your internal media library (Media > Library).

Open your form settings to change form name, enable CAPTCHA, manage notifications, and customize the confirmation message.

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Inserting a File Upload Form in WordPress

There are two ways to insert this file upload form in WordPress- As a WordPress post/page or in the form of a widget.

Create a new WordPress post or page as usual. Click the Add Form button that appears next to the media upload option.

File Upload Form

Choose your File Upload form from the drop-down menu.

Publish the page.

If you want to insert the form in a sidebar widget, go to Appearance > Widgets and choose WPForms widget from the list. Select your form from the drop-down list and save.

It will appear at the front-end of your website to collect files from the applicants or guest authors.

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Viewing Files

Expand the WPForms menu from the left pane. Click ‘Entries’ and choose your form name to view the submissions.

File Upload WordPress

Click on ‘View’ to open the entry.

File Upload plugin

Click the file name to download it to your computer.


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