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7 Best Diet Plans for Healthy Marriage Life

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Best Diet Plans for Healthy Marriage Life

You may be the healthiest and most energetic person among your friends. But conflict at work, pollution in the environment we live in, why even some noises can make you fail in the bedroom. In short, a person who exercises daily, has a healthy, toned body may not be able to satisfy their partner. But studies show that eating certain foods that influence sexuality on a daily basis can overcome this condition. Foods like garlic and flowers increase blood circulation in the body and thus give more sexual power.

When bedroom nights turn into wild nights we usually rely on a good sexologist or any aphrodisiac drug available in the market. From health magazines to ticklish third-party publications, some will rely on this. There are many who take advice from friends. But we can solve this problem ourselves if we focus only on food. So let’s see what foods should be included in the daily routine.

1. Fruits

Eating fruits rich in vitamin-C can help with sexual arousal. Apples, bananas, strawberries, dates, grapes, mangoes and papaya are good to eat every day.

Doctors themselves say that watermelon is better than Viagra. The element citrulline present in it increases the blood circulation in the body and gives better sexual feeling to the partners.

Rich in vitamin C and potassium, our passion fruit is a great aphrodisiac. The ancients say that it can make us eternally enthusiastic in bed. It is believed that this is how our custom of eating milk and fruit on the first night began.

2. Leafy vegetables

It is good to eat leafy greens that contain vitamin-E, which is essential for the functioning of sex hormones. Leafy greens, including magnesium-rich spinach, are nicknamed natural Viagra.

A man who eats celery can increase his sex hormones, making him feel more attractive. Being high in fiber, celery is good for weight loss as well as keeping you youthful in bed.

Eating vegetables like spinach, tomato, carrot, cucumber, drumstick and cabbage can help make sex enjoyable. It is also good to eat Ilavan Kuru, which is rich in phosphorus, vitamin-B, C, D, E and K.

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3. Dark Chocolate

It is said that chocolate equals a romantic mind. Men and women who take it can enjoy sex more than those who don’t.

Phenylethylamine, a chemical present in chocolate, gives more vitality and youthfulness. Dark chocolate helps to increase the amount of nitric oxide in the blood and thereby increases the blood circulation in the body.

4. Cardamom, garlic and peanuts

Consuming cardamom before intercourse provides a sense of freshness along with aroma. Garlic, which causes sexual potency, encourages partners to have frequent intercourse. Garlic is a good remedy for male infertility.

Peanuts help lower cholesterol and promote better health. Nuts and peanuts are also excellent aphrodisiacs.

5. Clams, fish, eggs

Clams, rich in zinc and dopamine, help with ‘sleepiness’ in the bedroom and maintain mood. Shellfish, free from water pollution, is believed to be the oldest aphrodisiac food.

Fish like salmon, which are rich in omega-3 acids, make for a better sexual experience and make the moments enjoyable. Fish are rich in vitamin B, which is crucial for reproduction. Eggs are also a source of good sexual potency, containing protein, amino acid, vitamin B6 and B5.

6. Drink plenty of water

One of the reasons many people fail in the bedroom is lack of water. Drinking 2 liters of water frequently every day will increase energy. Drinking lemon water is also good for relieving tension.

7. Let’s have a drink

Here’s one more reason to drink. Researchers say that drinking a little red wine can produce nitric oxide in the blood, thereby increasing blood flow in the body.

A little champagne is also good. But consuming too much of these two can cause harm instead of good. Eating more than the limit can cause uncontrollable fatigue and exhaustion.


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