10 Commandments for Success in the Bedroom

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10 Commandments for Success in the Bedroom

David and Clara got married after eight years of dating. Both are employees of a leading IT firm in the city. Good salary and benefits. Therefore, financially there was nothing wrong in the lives of both of them. In the early days of their marriage, their life was full of happiness and peace in every sense. Later, like many other people’s lives, problems started to crop up in their lives.

The moments in the bedroom are of utmost importance for the success of married life. The bedroom is a place to share physical and mental joys and sorrows and to receive advice and suggestions from your spouse. If the moments are not enjoyable there, everything goes wrong. That is what happened in the lives of David and Clara. David’s untimely arrival home and Clara’s hectic schedule begin to cause problems. Instead of resolving mutual misunderstandings, they extended their misunderstandings to the bedroom as well, increasing the distance between the two. For a comfortable and happy marriage, it is essential to follow certain rules in the bedroom.

Many marriages that we find attractive on the outside are failures in the bedroom. According to a recent study, only 44% of couples are completely satisfied with their sex life. But there are a few things you can do to make your life in the bedroom more enjoyable.

1. Never go to sleep without solving mutual problems and misunderstandings. No matter how many conflicts there are, both of them should realize that they need each other. Don’t act like enemies.

Likewise, it is not good to talk accusingly about the husband’s family or the wife’s family during a fight. Acknowledging the partner’s faults and shortcomings and sharing the achievements in life due to the husband/wife will make them happy. It is good to realize that no one is perfect. Staying away from quarrels will increase the distance in married life.

2. Mutual love and attraction is very important in sex life. Listening to your favorite song before going to bed will make your mind happy and sex enjoyable. If you are tired or grouchy, a bath before intercourse can be refreshing.

3. Some people do the remaining office work in the bedroom. It shouldn’t. You should also avoid phone calls except for essential ones. The bedroom is for private moments. Whatever work is busy, finish it before going to bed at night, or put it off for the next day. A head-to-toe massage with your partner’s hand can help reduce tension and improve sex.

4. Be open about what each other need. Don’t feel any hesitation about it. Along with physical contact in sex, sweet words are of high importance. Sometimes a few words are enough to stimulate the partner. Such expressions help the wife to feel loved and appreciated by her husband.

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5. Never praise other women’s beauty or old girlfriends in the bedroom. It will make her feel inferior. But watching a romantic scene in any movie and talking about it will give positive energy to both of them. Expressing love to each other also benefits sex. Love is not to be hidden, but to be expressed. Trying to impose his desires without understanding her will only result in disappointment.

6. Watching TV or using the computer for a long time in the bedroom is not good. It will cause the wife to feel that her husband does not care about her. Some people feel that it is better to drink a little alcohol and exercise before going to bed. That’s not true. It can both be sleepy and exhausting. Smoking can also harm your sex life. Do not overeat before intercourse.

7. It is said that women can enjoy sex more than men. And that is true. Both view sex in two ways. The man takes it seriously while the woman does not. A man falls asleep immediately after contact, but the loss of erection in women is slower. So even after everything, the hugs and caresses of the partner will make the woman happy.

8. Do not conduct sexual experiments against the partner’s wish. Experiments in books are often not correct. It was enough to think about its practicality before the experiments. Any advice given by friends should be thoroughly discussed with the partner before implementing it.

9. Saying ‘You look so sexy’ when you dress up will make her happy. And vice versa. Many women see a partner’s kind words, looks, and touch as a good start to sex. It is also good to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and go on a trip to places that you like only once in a while. Such trips can help to evoke honeymoon memories.

10. Bedroom environment can influence sexuality. Sex requires a low-light, no-noise environment. Do not use any dark color paint, curtain or bed sheet in the room. But studies show that using yellow color is good for sex.


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